Health Law

Health Law

Healing the World Begins with a Strong Foundation. Let's Build Yours Together.

Our team has unwaveringly stood with Texas health professionals in their endeavors. Whether you're navigating practice formation, physician compensation agreements, regulatory compliance, or health system management, our proficient health law attorneys are poised to assist.

Facing challenges like third-party payor issues, licensing defense, or telehealth concerns? Rely on our healthcare law team to guide you through intricate medical legalities — from fraud investigations to M&A, joint ventures, and the unique needs of dental service organizations — ensuring your practice thrives with integrity and efficiency.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas
  • Medical Practice Formation & Structuring
  • Physician Compensation Agreements
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Third-Party Payor Issues
  • Health System Compliance
  • Licensing & Professional Defense
  • Healthcare Fraud & Investigations
  • Telehealth
  • M&A, Joint Ventures
  • Dental Practice Set Up
  • Employment Agreements
  • Dental Service Organizations
  • Managed Service Organizations

What We Can Do for You

What We Can Do for You

Medical Practice Formation & Structuring: Assisting medical professionals with the establishment and organizational design of their practices to ensure optimal operation.

Physician Compensation Agreements: Crafting and advising on contracts that detail physician salaries, bonuses, and other compensations, all while ensuring compliance with Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute provisions.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the intricate landscape of health regulations, including Stark Law, the FCA, and the Anti-Kickback Statute, ensuring medical entities maintain adherence to local and national standards.

Third-Party Payor Issues: Addressing challenges with insurance companies, billing disputes, and reimbursement processes.

Health System Compliance: Implementing and maintaining systems that adhere to legal and regulatory standards within larger health organizations.

Licensing & Professional Defense: Supporting healthcare professionals in obtaining necessary licenses and defending them against professional claims or violations.

Healthcare Fraud & Investigations: Identifying, addressing, and preventing fraudulent activities in line with the FCA while also managing any related investigations and potential Stark or Anti-Kickback violations.

Telehealth: Offering guidance on the legal implications and best practices of delivering health care, advice, and information via telecommunication technologies.

M&A, Joint Ventures: Facilitating the merging, acquisition, and collaborative efforts of medical entities, ensuring a smooth transition and collaboration.

Dental Practice Set Up: Providing foundational advice and structuring guidance tailored for new dental practices.

Employment Agreements: Drafting and reviewing contracts that outline the terms and conditions of employment within the healthcare sector.

Dental Service Organizations: Advising on the unique challenges and structures associated with organizations that support dental practices administratively and clinically.

Managed Service Organizations: Assisting with the legal nuances of entities that provide administrative support services to medical practices or hospitals.

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