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Creating a will is a good idea for many people, especially if you have specific wishes regarding how your family should distribute your assets after your passing.

When creating a will, there are specific rules you need to follow to make it legally valid. These rules are there to prevent fraud. While they are only moderately complicated, it's possible to make mistakes, making a mess of your estate for your grieving loved ones.

Beck Law Firm is here to help. We use our extensive skills to ensure your will is valid and complete so your family can grieve in peace. A qualified and capable Lubbock will attorney can answer your questions.

Discover the Beck Law Firm Difference

Discover the Beck Law Firm Difference

Welcome to Beck Law Firm, where our dedicated team of experienced attorneys is committed to providing quality service tailored to your unique needs. Life in Lubbock is genuinely exceptional, and you have the legacy to prove it. We understand the importance of having a legal partner who understands your requirements so that your legacy lives on.

Here's what sets us apart:

Sam Hawthorne

Sam Hawthorne is a distinguished attorney with Board Certification in tax law and estate planning & probate law by the Texas Legal Specialization Board. With an in-depth understanding of Texas living will regulations, Sam has the skill to ensure your will is clear and legally sound.

He is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) accredited by the Texas Board of Public Accountancy. Sam's practice areas encompass business and tax law, estate planning, wills, probate, trusts, and estate laws.

Andrew Beck

Andrew Beck, a magna cum laude graduate of Texas Tech University School of Law, brings his legal prowess to the table in areas including business law, estate planning, health law, and commercial transactions.

His extensive knowledge of healthcare laws and regulations ensures that your will and advanced directives are in capable hands.

Kristen Beck-Perez

Kristen Beck-Perez is a highly accomplished Texas attorney with the added advantage of being a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Her skill in complex financial matters associated with end-of-life affairs is unmatched.

Kristen excels in estate planning, trust and estate administration, and crafting tailored instruments for comprehensive estate planning. She guides clients through the intricacies of wills and trust and probate administration.

When you choose us, you're not just selecting legal representation; you're gaining access to a team of highly qualified professionals who are deeply committed to your success.

We offer comprehensive solutions and invaluable guidance for estate planning, wills, and trusts. Your legal needs are our top priority, and we're dedicated to serving you with quality and integrity.

Visit our conveniently located Lubbock office at 4910 Lakeridge Drive, right behind the TruFit Athletic Club on 82nd Street, to experience our unwavering commitment to your legal requirements.

Who Needs to Make a Will?

Who Needs to Make a Will?

Everyone should utilize a will to make things easier for their family, but there are certain situations where making a will is particularly important:

Parents: If you have children, a will allows you to designate a guardian for them if both parents pass away. It also specifies how to use your assets for their care and education.

Property and assets:If you own property, financial accounts, or valuable assets, a will ensures they are distributed according to your wishes.

Without a will, the state's laws (intestacy laws) may determine who gets your assets, which might not align with your preferences.

Specific beneficiaries: If you want to leave assets or possessions to specific individuals or organizations, a will is necessary to clarify your intentions.

Blended families: If you have a blended family with stepchildren or have remarried, a will can help ensure that your assets provide for both biological and stepchildren.

Business owners: If you own a business, a will can outline what happens to your business interests after your passing.

Avoiding family disputes: A well-drafted will can help prevent family conflicts and disputes over your estate by clearly outlining your wishes.

Pets: If you have pets, a will can designate a caregiver and provide funds for their care.

It's important to note that the need for a will can vary depending on your circumstances, including your assets, family situation, and personal preferences.

Consulting with a skilled estate planning attorney can help determine whether creating a will is appropriate for you and ensure your wishes are legally documented and protected.

What Should I Include in a Will?

What Should I Include in a Will?

While the specific details can vary based on your circumstances and preferences, here are some key elements you should consider including in your will:

Executor: Designate a trusted individual as the executor of your will. This person will manage your estate, including distributing assets and settling debts.

Beneficiaries: Specify who will inherit your assets, including family members, friends, or charitable organizations. Be specific about what each beneficiary receives.

Guardianship: If you have minor children, name a guardian who will care for them if both parents pass away.

Assets: List all assets, including real estate, bank accounts, investments, and personal possessions. Indicate how you want these assets distributed among your beneficiaries.

Funeral wishes: Express your funeral, burial, or cremation preferences to help your loved ones make difficult decisions.

Updating your will periodically, especially after significant life changes, is crucial to reflect your current wishes accurately.

Lubbock Will Attorneys Carry Out Your Final Wishes

Lubbock Will Attorneys Carry Out Your Final Wishes

We know how important your will is, and we're here to make the legal process easier for you. Whether creating a will, trust, or dealing with advanced directives, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you.

Don't wait until it's too late. Choose Beck Law Firm as your caring partner for living wills. You can call us today at (806) 702-7909.

Your well-being is our main concern, and we're here to support you with care and honesty. Get in touch with us now to start securing your peace of mind and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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